Hello! My name is Ignasi Calvo and I am the founder of GR11 Viajes, a travel agency that was born from the wish to travel on motorcycle and 4WD, with like-minded people who, like you, shares this passion for travel by road, offroad and love adventure travelling.

It all started in 2010, after returning from the Mongol Rally with my best friend. A crazy trip from Barcelona to Mongolia. After the comeback, the willing to travel more grew, and with the participation in the 1st edition of the Sahara Desert Challenge, all was ready. I set up the travel agency with the intention of sharing one of my passions with more people, offering unique adventures.

I collaborate with the best professionals in the industry of adventure travel. Nowadays we organise adventures in Africa and Asia with the best team. I'd like to introduce you to these great travellers and professionals with whom I collaborate:

GR11 Viajes - Quienes Somos

Nelson Filipe (director, Mundo de Aventuras)
Luis Agostinho (mechanic, Mundo de Aventuras)
Alicia Sornosa (roadleader, aliciasornosa.com)
Daniel Gimeno (roadleader)
The team at Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles
The team at Via Nòmada Viatges

And a special thanks to all the people that has work (and will) with us:
Rogerio Lagarto, Salomé Apitz, Leonor Mendes, Sergi Carrasco and Imma Rodero (Talleres Jorsan), Oasisand, Naviservi...


GR11 Viajes is licensed by Registro de Turismo de Catalunya with the license number GC-002583.